Arborist Services

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We are committed to enhancing the beauty, improving the health, and protecting the value of your trees and landscaping.

Limb by Limb is a science based, locally owned tree and shrub service dedicated to the management and preservation of trees in Portland, Oregon. Our goals are to keep our city green and beautiful for future generations, to inspire more connection with nature, and to create aesthetic outdoor living spaces.

By creating inspiring outdoor environments with thoughtful species selection and artistic pruning, we work to meet our client’s goals and encourage people to interact more with their landscapes.

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The Limb by Limb Difference

The Limb by Limb Difference ensures a personal relationship between your arborist and your landscape. Owner John Ryan will meet you at your home to evaluate your trees and shrubs and then provide a free estimate for the arborist services. Upon acceptance of the estimate, he then returns to complete the services himself or with assistance from coworkers. This style of arbor service guarantees that you will be working with the same person every time you contact Limb by Limb.



All estimates are free.

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