Limb by limb


Limb by Limb adheres to a modern arboriculture philosophy called Plant Health Care (PHC) that focuses on plants and their interactions with the living and nonliving elements of the landscape. PHC is a proactive approach that includes creative landscape design, careful selection of plant species, appropriate planting, suitable establishment, and proper pruning to create healthy plants with strong structure. This holistic approach incorporates a wide range of cultural practices aimed at improving site and soil conditions.

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A high quality pruning program incorporates science and techniques to create trees and shrubs that are healthy, structurally strong, and aesthetically pleasing. Pruning can correct defects and take advantage of the plant's natural growth habit.

Tree Risk Assessment

A thorough risk assessment incorporates three factors: the potential for tree or branch failure, the environment that may contribute to failure, and what would be damaged or injured if failure occurs. Tree risk assessments are performed to enhance public safety, protect homeowners and their property, and promote tree longevity by predicting and preventing structural failure.

Soil Health Remediation

Most urban soils have poor nutrient cycling. The removal of fallen foliage limits the population and activity of soil organisms and mycorrhizae contributing to poor soils. While the addition of organic compost and wood chips can remedy most soil deficiencies, soil and foliar testing can provide vital information to target the ailments specific to your landscape.

Additional Services Offered:

  • Structural Pruning
  • Crown Cleaning
  • Crown Raising
  • Crown Reduction
  • View Pruning
  • Ornamental Pruning
  • Plant Pest & Disease Management
  • City of Portland Permit Coordination

Selection, Planting & Establishment

Choosing the right plant for a particular site is an important decision to ensure sustainable benefits, maximize plant health, and add value to your landscape. Proper planting is essential to start the plant with the appropriate environment it needs to sustain favorable growing conditions for optimal health. The establishment period encompasses the first five years where plants must compensate for severe root loss and other associated deficiencies associated with transplanting. We enjoy supporting the individual plants while assisting you in creating inviting outdoor spaces.

Tree Removal

Although tree removal is typically a last resort, it may be the best option for your property. On tree removals, the customer has the option of keeping the cut firewood and/or the wood chips generated from the smaller limbs.

Complete Fruit Tree Care

Growing a fruit tree inevitably means growing a lasting, beneficial relationship. Throughout the year, fruit trees do not need intensive and frequent care, but rather pulses of work and nurturance. Pruning fruit trees successfully requires skill, knowledge, and artistry.  By attuning to the trees and growing a relationship with their needs, we are giving fruit an excellent chance of thriving.